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Welcome to my simblr
♥Hello,I'm know as Dani ツ
♥Here is my little world of sims and other reblogs

I only follow simblrs :)
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Don’t ever think your sims are not good enough… 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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Thursday reblog

The maze runner is releasing tomorrow :O

The book series is so good  ;___: im so excited"the maze is a code"

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Hey uhmm do you happen to know what happened to siasim?

hello, sorry  i don’t know what happended to siasim. I’m sad she left                                                (´∩`。)

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urbanhypesims replied to your post “I don’t know how to install sims 4 cc”

It is the same!:) just move the .package to you sims 4 mods folder!:)

canadiansim8787 replied to your post “I don’t know how to install sims 4 cc”

ye u just put it in your mods folder :3

thank you guys :D  but for some reason i can not find my mods folder XD

i should check again lol

Edit: I checked and i found it, i was looking in the wrong place the whole time haha

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I don’t know how to install sims 4 cc


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